Wholesale/Dropship/Private Label

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur wanting to help the world with your knowledge of the benefits of mushrooms? Join the Mush Rush! Do you have a healthcare, fitness, or influencer network?  A brick and mortar store? Help spread the spores throughout your network! Remember, mushrooms don’t just spread underground through mycelium! They take to the air to colonize new lands! 

We can dropship directly to your customers from your existing online store or mail you bulk orders to distribute in your network directly. 

Do what you do best! Build your network and tell your story about your personal experience with mushrooms. Let us take care of supply chain, formulation, manufacturing, brand development, order processing, warehouse, fulfillment, etc.

This is for existing customers only, so please try our products to make sure you genuinely believe in our mission.

If you are interested in consulting on a white label plan, contact us to set up a brief introductory call.

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