Mushrooms: Functional for Fitness

by Josh Wilson


More than Functional

If you are one of the millions of people who have incorporated diet and exercise into their lives you know how hard it is to stay committed. To stay committed there has to be some type of marked changes to validate the time and effort spent “maintaining the machine”. Supplements are everywhere, there are more diets than there are days to try them and the cost? Let’s just agree, whatever we do better pay off (or equal to the money we have forked out). The longer a person is committed, the more time and money is invested for rewards that are less dramatic and far less frequent.

What can you do?

Look down! Underneath fallen logs, on the sides of Birch trees, the answer is literally all around you. Functional mushrooms are there just waiting for you to discover how remarkable of a resource they are for your personal health. Here’s a few examples:

Cordyceps - “the athlete’s mushroom” has been utilized for its potential ability to increase endurance through increased ATP. ATP - adenosine triphosphate is a molecule that carries energy into our cells.

Lion’s Mane - “the student mushroom” has been sought after due to its potential ability to improve cognition and recall through myelination. Myelination is the process by which the axon of nerve cells is coated by a white fatty substance (myelin) to insulate electrical conduction.

Chaga - This mushroom has been traditionally used for its ability to keep our immune systems going strong. Looking at its effect on WBC (White Blood Cell) counts we can see how beneficial it can be at maintaining reduced levels of inflammation and infection.

Silo has eight varieties of these incredible mushrooms in single and multi-species blended tinctures. Tinctures are a wonderful way to incorporate mushrooms into daily use - they can be added to any food or beverage or dropped under the tongue for quick absorption. The best part is they won’t change the taste of anything. They pack the foods and drinks you normally enjoy with hidden health benefits!

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