I heard “magic mushrooms” were legal in California and Colorado. Is there psilocybin or magic mushrooms in these products?


As of March 2020, therapeutic (aka “psychedelic”) mushrooms are still 100% illegal everywhere in the United States and the rest of the world with some limited exceptions in the Netherlands (where fruiting bodies are still illegal) and Jamaica (where it’s 100% legal). Several US cities, starting with Denver, have “decriminalized” possession and consumption. This typically means that county and state police can still arrest in those jurisdictions. Consequently, they are not “legal” like cannabis was starting with California for medical in the 1990s and Colorado for adult use in 2014.

Are there any product contraindications that I should be aware of?

If you have a medical or health condition always assume there’s a contraindication with a supplement unless your treating physician says otherwise. Some studies have suggested that some mushrooms may cause dry throat and mouth, upset stomach, and dizziness. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, have low blood pressure or a bleeding disorder, are about to have surgery, take diabetes medication, or have other health problems, then avoid supplements without talking to your physician.

What products do you recommend for my medical condition?

A lady doctor showing card text - consult your doctor

Even if we could legally answer that question, we wouldn’t because we are not physicians. We have a passion for the fungus, and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. That may sound like a familiar lawyer disclaimer because it is. We wish we could say more, but until there are clinical trials supporting a particular conclusion, our hands are tied and you are on your own to do the research of the countless peer-reviewed studies or do the trial and error on yourself.

Why do the ingredients list “Organic Myceliated Brown Rice?”

Organic Myceliated Brown Rice

The mushroom organism is found both above and below ground. The fruiting bodies are what are commonly referred to as "mushrooms" and grow above ground. They are like the flowers and release the spores for reproduction. They also are very rich in complexity.

Below the ground is a root-like network of mycelium. Like plant roots, there must be a substrate to grow in and food to feed it in order to convert those raw materials into the building blocks of the rest of the organism. Our mushroom mycelium grows in organic brown rice where it converts those sugar molecules to the beneficial molecules contained in our products that are locked up in the fungi cells prior to the three-step extraction process.

How long before I can feel or notice the effects of your products?

Each person digests and metabolizes the mushroom compounds in a different way. Given the fast absorption rate of the liquid tinctures, the energy effects of Cordyceps is often reported relatively quickly while others, like any immune or neurotrophic effects, may take more time to perceive anything if at all.

Are your products gluten free?

Our products contain no gluten, no GMO’s, no pesticides, and no herbicides.