Benefits of Our Mushroom Coffee Additives/Tinctures

 Lion's Mane, aka “The Student Mushroom,” is speculated to work with the central nervous system and support healthy brain functions, like memory and focus. Studies have suggested the need for human research or clinical trials regarding the stimulation of brain cell growth and neurogenesis.*



Cordyceps, AKA “The Athletes Mushroom,” is traditionally speculated to help with energy support, airways, and libido. Studies have suggested the need for human research or clinical trials regarding lowering brain-related inflammation, improving brain-derived neurotrophic growth factors (BDNF), reducing brain degeneration, enhancing memory and cognitive function, improving neurotransmitter balance, and supporting new nerve cell formation.*

Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail images

Chaga is found almost exclusively growing on wild birch trees throughout the Northern hemisphere. Animal studies and in vitro studies have suggested the need for human research or clinical trials for cognitive enhancement and pro-apoptotic effects (apoptosis means cell death).*  

Red Reishi is known in many Asian cultures as “The Elixir Of Life” or “Mushroom of Immortality” and is speculated to be good for supporting healthy immune functions, inflammation, liver & kidneys, and overall health. Studies have suggested the need for human research or clinical trials regarding the protection of brain cells from inflammation and reduction of the oxidative impact of destructive proteins in the brain.* 

Turkey Tail is a powerful mushroom that has purportedly been used for its healing properties all around the world. The popular belief is that these mushrooms may aid in regulating immune systems and maintaining proper prostate, hormones, liver, and kidney health.  Research tends to suggest the need for human studies or clinical trials regarding the benefits to immune modulation, digestive system, circulation, lymph system, immune system, liver function and cellular system, including stimulating cells to combat intercellular viral infections.* 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 


Warnings: Some studies have suggested that some mushrooms may cause dry throat and mouth, upset stomach, and dizziness. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, have low blood pressure or a bleeding disorder, are about to have surgery, take diabetes medication, or have other health problems, then avoid supplements without talking to your physician.