Natural Ways to Boost Brain Health

The brain is an incredible machine, but when we start to forget things, it can be concerning. The great news is that you can boost your brain health at every age using natural methods and mushroom brain supplements

Reduce Your Stress

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Stress has a significant impact on your brain’s ability to function at optimal levels. Engaging in stress-relieving activities like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help you improve your short-term and spatial working memory, which is what allows us to hold and process information.

Exercise and Get Sufficient Rest

Exercise has numerous benefits for the brain. It can improve memory and lead to improved overall brain health. Getting and staying active also can decrease dementia development risk. Aim for 90 minutes of moderate exercise weekly.

All machines need to be turned off and rebooted from time to time, including your brain. Getting enough high-quality sleep each night allows your brain to reset and heal. Sleep also allows the brain to dump toxins that contribute to dementia.

Eat Superfoods

Fish, berries, nuts, and other superfoods are well-known to protect and nourish the brain and body—but did you know that mushrooms also have a bevy of brain benefits? Recent studies have found that some mushrooms can greatly lower the risk of cognitive decline, even when participants only consumed one serving! However, if you really want to get a big reward from mushrooms, it’s better to ingest them as an extracted tincture rather than as food.

Try Mushroom Extracts

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The best way to get all of their brain-boosting benefits of mushrooms is to consume an extracted tincture. This method makes it easy to add healthy fungus to your diet by putting mushroom extract directly into your morning coffee.

Chaga mushrooms may be some of the best mushrooms for brain health. Studies also suggest that Red Reishi can protect the brain from inflammation and potentially reduce the negative effects of destructive proteins. Furthermore, the mushroom called Lion’s Mane may prevent brain fog. Mushroom extracts containing these fungi may be able to improve brain health with amplified potential benefits.

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