Different Types of Mushroom Extracts and Their Health Benefits

Mushroom extracts are currently considered one of the trendiest superfoods on the market. Even when they have not been “in style,” different types of mushroom extracts have been used to provide a wide range of health benefits when incorporated into our daily diets.

Red Reishi Health Benefits

Set of different types of mushrooms

Red Reishi liquid extract has the potential to boost energy levels and brain health. It has also been suggested that this mushroom has anti-neurodegeneration properties to help improve memory and focus while reducing the risks associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Studies indicated that Red Reishi mushrooms are also great when you want to boost your level of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential in strengthening the immune system and fighting off illnesses and infections.

Turkey Tail Health Benefits

Turkey Tail extract may be able to help regulate the immune system so it functions correctly. This fungus also has the potential to balance hormones and promote better liver, kidney, and prostate health.

Chaga Health Benefits

Chaga extract offers several potential health benefits. First, it is widely regarded as an anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from arthritis or other conditions where inflammation is a problem, Chaga could reduce the inflammation.

Chaga mushrooms also contain antioxidants that may be able to help strengthen the immune system. If you are looking to reduce the risks of getting a cold or the flu, consuming Chaga extract is a great option.

Cordyceps Health Benefits

The Cordyceps mushroom is also called “The Athlete’s Mushroom,” as it has long been used to help improve athletic performance. Consuming this mushroom extract is suggested to improve libido and boost energy levels. It also has potential anti-aging antioxidant properties to fight off free radicals, one of the contributors to aging. 

Lion’s Mane Health Benefits

Lion’s Mane extract has the potential to help support proper central nervous system functions and brain health. Studies suggest is helps you concentrate and focus more clearly while being able to retain information better. This fungus could possibly support brain cell growth and neurogenesis.

Can You Take More Than One Mushroom Extract?

Reishi, Chaga, cordy, and Turkey Tail

You can focus on using a single mushroom extract at a time, like Red Reishi, or you can combine mushroom extracts and tinctures. Once you understand the possible health benefits of these mushroom coffee additives, you can decide for yourself which tinctures are best for you. By combining various mushroom extracts into a single beverage, you have the potential to gain the health benefits of each of those individual extracts.

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